TuxBoNic | 吳俊利

TuxBoNic | 吳俊利


Malaysian  |  KL based



Virtual Riot  |  Haywyre  |  Skrillex  |  Noisia  |  DaftPunk  |  Foreign Beggars  |  Warak (Jonghyek Lee)  |  m2uMusic  |  DirtyLoops  |  Tony Royster Jr.  |  Hiromi Uehara  |  Cory Henry  |  Jacob Collier  |  Thomas Bergersen



LogicPro X



TuxBoNic, better known with my nickname Tux. Despite spending 98% of my life crafting music, I’m also a car-enthusiast and a travel addict. Music production to me is an art form which combines both talent and technology to orchestrate the creative vision of an untold story.


Over the years, I have exposed myself in multiple creative music genres such as Electro, Hip Hop, Jazz, Orchestral, A Cappella and many more. I am currently signed under Warner Chappell Music Group as an exclusive writer and running a few businesses at the same time. They are : Polymath Records Sdn Bhd (audio production house), Colour Of Voices (an A Cappella group), Broo Productions (a professional recording studio with my passionate partners). I would say that the take-off-journey has been wonderful and the success has been demonstrated proudly.” Other than that, I am also actively involved in the financial & property investment markets due to the education background I had with UOL (University Of London)’s BSc Economics & Finance.


Tux is a self-taught full time audio-enthusiast who works 24/7 on creating crafts that mainly focuses on Music Production, Music Arranging, Music Composing (Songwriting), Audio Engineering (Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering), Sound Design, Film Scoring and many more.


“It all started since I was 9 years old where I first picked up singing. In my early adolescence stage, I taught myself basic musical theories and multiple music instruments such as guitar, piano and drums. I then played in different bands and started collecting awards and experiences through various talent competitions and shows.


The biggest impact came when I was 15 years old and still schooling, I got my hands on various DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) such as FL Studio and LogicPro. I then decided to step up my game by pursuing a music-production career – I polished my skillsets with a schedule of at least 4 hours of practice every single day. That practice carried for 4 consecutive years.”


Since then, a history of heavy writing, arranging, producing, mixing, mastering and playing instruments on countless successful projects earned Tux a reputable career.


As a producer, Tux has provided musical works for hundreds of clients worldwide including international artists, leading commercial brands, TV documentaries, and films.